The War On Climate Change

Joseph Barnes candidly describes the scale of the most pressing challenge that awaits us this century, with almost every environmental metric suggesting damage beyond repair. Hope, however, is not lost: the efforts, action, and activism of our generation can turn the tide of this war.

Breaking The Data Deficit

Sam Pallis lays out the current state of Big Data and how our personal information has become the world's most valuable currency, used by governments and corporations alike. Such a powerful resource, he argues, requires active regulation in order to protect our privacy and personal rights.

Reclaiming The Future

Abraham Baldry argues that in order to ensure a brighter future, one in which the social, economic, and political upheavals of the fourth industrial revolution can be mitigated and managed, progressives worldwide must champion their ideas and reclaim hope.

The Two Faces of Disenchantment

Ryan Matthews discusses the nature of modern political disenchantment and its two faces: cynicism and critical thinking. While the former leads to quick fixes and knee-jerk responses, only by embracing the latter can our generation produce the innovative ideas and bold new thinking required.

Towards A Global Citizenship

Omid Miri sets out a vision for an eventual global citizenship, a mission for the 21st century that draws upon the heritage of our species - a lesson from our history that only by coming together, collaborating, co-operating, have we overcome the challenges we face.