Our mission is clear: to generate the new ideas and perspectives necessary to overcome the challenges of this century. We aim to galvanise the next generation in pursuit of solutions to humanity’s greatest obstacles. 

The New Century Institute is the think-tank dedicated to developing 21st century solutions to 21st century challenges, calling on the generation that will inherit the earth to begin the process of engagement now. We call on fellow under-35s from all disciplines and areas of study to join us in the process of creating a solutions-based politics, allowing us to represent the unique perspectives of our generation on a wide range of issues. We are non-partisan and contend that in the task of building the future, the dogmas of the past will not serve us well.


Climate change, technological revolutions, global poverty and disease, the advance of globalisation – these are but a handful of the momentous hurdles that must be overcome in this century if humanity is to thrive into the next. This historic responsibility lies with one generation: ours.


We believe that the innovative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century are most effectively presented through the publication of research-led reports, which we categorise into three distinct subject areas. Read more about our research here. For a full list of our publications, see here. In addition to publishing reports, we call on contributors to provide opinion on a more diverse range of issues in our monthly blog, short articles which supplement our main work. Read our articles here. If you are interested in contributing to our work, please see here.